Proletariat Wine Co.

Proletariat Wine Company brings high quality, otherwise expensively priced wines to restaurant diners everywhere... and at very reasonable prices. Our wines are mostly Washington AVA grown and crushed, except for one, our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Basically, we're passing on the cost savings gained by providing larger quantities and by not having to bottle, store, package or promote our wines.

For Restaurants

Our wines are served at the restaurant directly from a keg through a tap, just like beer on tap. The keg is charged with nitrogen for optimal preservation and because oxygen never touches the wine, it doesn't oxidize at the same rate as normal glass pours do. No waste, less spoilage... just outstanding wines.

For Customers

Thanks to the cost savings gained by providing larger quantities, by not having to bottle, and by not needing to store the releases; hopefully you'll enjoy a much higher quality glass of wine at a lower price. 

For our Environment

No glass to be recycled or thrown away. No corks harvested. No paper used for labels. Our keg labels are vinyl stickers and are even reused. Our kegs are cleaned and refilled. No glass means less weight to transport, which means less fuel emissions. The waste we produce is minimal. And we plan on keeping it that way.