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We're delighted that you're interested in Proletariat Wine Company! If you are interested in possibly serving our wines, please contact the person listed below in your market and they can answer all your questions (they're pretty darn smart). If we are currently not distributed in your market, please contact Darin Williams: 206.579.7478.

For all other inquires, drop us a line using the form and we'll get back to you post haste. Thank you.

Washington - Young's Market Co:

Jordan Rabinowe: 206.579.9764

Arizona - Young's Market Co:

Shawn Bushey: 602.824.1346

Georgia - Savannah Distributing:

David Bergmoser: 678.380.1212


Scott "Full Sail" Burum: 208.867.7946

Missouri - Vintegrity:

Aaron Fry: 913.706.1557

Oregon - Young's Market Co:

Matt Shiffer: 503.475.7099

Pennsylvania - Deschere's Selected Wines:

Tom Deschere: 610.331.2245

South Carolina - Republic National:

Kerry Murphy: 425.736.7747

Texas - Small Lot Texas:

Brad Duncan: 512.300.0757

Events/Donation Requests:

Scott Thompson: